Two Dystopias: “Voltaire’s Bastards” and “Paris in the Twentieth Century”

Strange how we speculate on future dystopias, while we are living in one. The great writers shine the truth on it. The subtle and covert power games of Brave New World have won over the overt oppression of 1984.

Behind the Hedge

I’ve told this story before:

. . . . I recalled a brief exchange, one of many conversations we shared over clattering golf clubs.  These words came shortly after my reading crossed a very special threshold:

“Dr. Crowther, do you find that the more you read the more everything seems to connect together?”

Dr. Crowther held her golf bag still and looked at me.

“Oh, yes, John!”

When one reads a lot and widely, the connections come fast and furious.  Now and then, when one is, like me, a reader who always have a dozen books on the go, the connections appear unexpectedly between two books one is currently reading.  This pleasant surprise has happened to me recently.

In 1989, Jules Verne’s great-grandson discovered the manuscript of an unknown novel by his famous ancestor.  Paris in the Twentieth Century was published in French in 1994. Shortly after it was…

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One Response to Two Dystopias: “Voltaire’s Bastards” and “Paris in the Twentieth Century”

  1. Justin Drinnan says:

    Nice blog. Connects with Chris Hedges’s truthdig article


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