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Climate Change: from a Protest to a Movement

We dread the horror documentaries on climate change. “This is what is happening. If we don’t do something about it, these are the consequences.” It has the effect of stunning us. It’s better to put our head under a rock. … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Life: Assimilation into the Borg Collective?

I’m quoting this Hundertwasser idea (below) because I’m interested in human purpose and creativity.  I don’t think we’re meant to be deconstructed into cogs in the Corporate machine, obedient and defined by tasks, job descriptions and money.  That is Modernity … Continue reading

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Summarising the Neo-Liberal Agenda – A Letter to Treasury

Dear Treasury neo-liberals, and mega-corporate backers of Ayn Rand et al. in various university neo-liberal seminaries. My Adam Smith quote of the day. “The proposal of any new law or regulation which comes from [businessmen], ought always to be listened … Continue reading

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