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Nature and Corporate Neoliberal Economics in Conflict

The laws of nature and the laws of corporate-based neoliberal economics are in conflict. Continue reading

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Industrial Farming: The Deeper Roots of Animal Cruelty

My father was a gentle stockman, and he cared for people the same. He taught us how to hunt up and how to use presence and eye when mustering, and how not to push cattle too hard. He had a … Continue reading

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Are we in the Endgame of the Age of the Zombie Neoliberal Cult and Corporate Influence

Let us document the changes, the shift in consciousness that is happening around the world, the signs of hope. The 1 percent (or is it the top 0.1 percent) – An interviewer of Russel Brand challenged him that the Occupy movement … Continue reading

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The TPPA and New Zealand’s Democracy

Presented in weekly radio spot on Hawke’s Bay local radio station Bay FM.   The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations are concluded, and have shifted to the next phase – ratification by parliaments. The government is spinning like a … Continue reading

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Summarising the Neo-Liberal Agenda – A Letter to Treasury

Dear Treasury neo-liberals, and mega-corporate backers of Ayn Rand et al. in various university neo-liberal seminaries. My Adam Smith quote of the day. “The proposal of any new law or regulation which comes from [businessmen], ought always to be listened … Continue reading

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Reframing our Water as a Commons

This article was published in the Hawke’s Bay Today following the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s (HBRC) decision to allow an overseas water bottling plant to take water from the high quality aquifer that lies beneath the cities of Hasting and Napier. … Continue reading

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