The Joy of a Moment

I need to say something.  We all need strength at times, and it’s nature and people that give us that.  They feed the soul.  They provide meaning.

Our world seems strangely to treat these blessings – people and nature – as mere ‘things’ to use, rather than the whole of whom we are, inseparable, the place within the sum of us where we can ‘be’, within.

It is worse when we see ‘them’ – the destroyers of worlds – take a whole like nature and community combined, and deny their very existence; deny the quality and the function, and reduce to quantity and noun.

It is so strange that we have elevated those who do this.  We have promoted the visionless and the least feeling to positions of power, and allowed them to tell us that this is how we ought to see and be in this world.  The dominant narrative ought to be this truth; that the really valuable things are those that are as fleeting as the joy of a moment, and which we cannot measure – and nor should we bother to try – for any longer than an instant, in this place.  Even thinking of measuring these moments diminishes them; destroys the joy of them.

The burst of a golden pheasant, the smell and light of a forest, the absolute joy of leaping from a height into a river, feeling a fish on the line, going through a gap running for all hell and passing for a try.  

Our friends, the meeting of eyes and the smiles you see every day, the sparkle of voice and the humour of a glance, a melody, unspoken connections, hearing a poem read with emotion, a piece of art that moves you.

I do not like that we have put measures above these things.  We need to keep reminding ourselves not to listen to those who would reduce life’s meanings to some form of measured control.

Be wild.  Be free.  Feel.  Love.


Little Truths Studio

Chris Perley


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6 Responses to The Joy of a Moment

  1. Gavin Crombie says:

    You are my kind of writer and philosopher- love this post!

  2. Jenny Elliott says:

    Beautiful – thanks Chris.We need these reminders. Right now in this dimming of the day, there’s a moment to smell the rain.

  3. Brilliant and thank you… so lovely to read at this time.

  4. Matthew Sole says:

    Measuring the essence out of life. Missing the joy & majesty.

  5. Lyn Stark says:

    Lovely read to start my day with. Thank you

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