Things I’ve never seen

I believe in things I’ve never seen
I believe in Africa
I believe in Atoms
I believe in the Rings of Saturn

Call me irrational

I believe in transcendence and beauty and love
I believe in the power of the people
I believe in good
I believe in the spirit of the land

I have not seen them
But I have felt them
And I know they are real


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2 Responses to Things I’ve never seen

  1. petichinin says:

    Nice one, Chris. Do more poetry.

    Thanks for believing.


    Phyllis Tichinin
    True Health Ltd.
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    PO Box 8055 Havelock North NZ 4157

  2. murray mullins says:

    Thanks Chris I enjoyed that poem , just been reading some Owen Marshall poems from Sleepwalking in Antarctica, am sure you would enjoy them.Murr

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