Full Moon on the Lamb’s Ear

The eternity that
only a child can know,
an interminable drive
through that wild
and stormy night,
on the Desert Road.
The window’s whistling –
never quite closed –
incessant whispering
thoughts, bright flashes
in the dark – and rumbles, deep –
disturbing desires to doze.
Papatuanuku alive
with laughing love,
telling tales to the little ones,
trying not to notice
in their sleep.
Moonlight on the silver sea
closer to Opotiki,
half awake, half asleep,
closer to our beds
tunnels of love and
welcome silhouettes,
the dancing Waioeka Gorge
sways and pirouettes.
The rhythm of a Vauxhall six
growling its way home,
the belonging of our sweet breaths
all contested limbs
together in the back seat,
Being lifted, limp
Protests, grizzles, love
And the full moon
on the lamb’s ear,
grey and ghostlike
by the door.

Chris Perley

Lamb's Ear

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4 Responses to Full Moon on the Lamb’s Ear

  1. Makere says:

    ah those Vauxhalls… 🙂 beautiful, e hoa, evocative of home and of longing…

    • cjkperley says:

      Thanks Makere. I knew others would have these memories. Three kids in the back seat, bitching til they sleep, and a baby somewhere. And those bloody noisy little triangular side windows. Just wanting to be home.

  2. Richard Peach says:

    That’s very effective Chris. It’s a good poem. Congratulations. We had a 1936 Vauxhall when we were little kids and our Dad took us on long drives from time to time. It brought back memories.


    Richard V. Peach, Ph.D

    202 Tudor Avenue

    Mayfair 4122


    New Zealand


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