Expedient ‘Government’: Build the Slag Heaps of Tomorrow for New Zealand

John Key has resigned. Some of the media is trumpeting the myth that New Zealanders has been well looked after under his term. This rankles. Just because a deal maker and spin doctor in a suit tells us that we are healthy doesn’t make it so. For heaven’s sake look a little deeper than a man who can load more than four clichés in a single sentence …. “At the end of the day, the people know that going forward this is the best thing for New Zealand.” Seriously. Take a deeper look.

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Ruins of Lindisfarne_Priory_1797 Lindisfarne Monastery

Is our whole New Zealand economy a bubble built on speculation, the Christchurch rebuild, the Viking-raid exploitation of society and place for short-term gain, financing expenditure out of debt, the promotion of extractive big business over local enterprise, immigration to create demand, and the hope that undifferentiated price-taking commodity prices will rise?  This is an economy living on the short term buzz of crack cocaine.  People eventually sell their furniture, their homes, and their future to fuel the habit.

I want to confront an idea that keeps New Zealanders from seeing where we are going.

That idea – supported by the corporate media – is that this current National government is somehow a good economic manager. The idea is delusional, and it is a collective delusion for many of our people.  What we are creating is the wreck of a ruin.  The hollowing out of a people and…

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