The Trumps of History

Written when Donald Trump was elected President. And now he is there and it isn’t just a dream. And he hasn’t stopped the knee jerk, foolish rhetoric. He really is that unsuited to preside.

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In the 20s, the Weimar republic – post WW I Germany – had hyperinflation; wheelbarrows of money, widespread penury.  The Allies had imposed vengeful and immoral reparations.  Most people suffered.  Austerity reigned.  Suffering creates resentment.  Resentment wants a target.  It wants to hear that it was someone else’s fault.   Who did this to us?

The IMF was here.jpg

That target might become the Establishment, and most of the Establishment have a sense that that is a possibility.  So they work to become an ally of the resentful, lest they turn their attention their way. They cause much of the misery, and wrap it in myth’ look over there, there is your villain.

But there is still resentment.  A sense of a deeply unfair world.  A lack of hope that things will ever get better.  The Establishment must protect themselves by refocusing that resentment on to others, to those outside of society – outside the sense…

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2 Responses to The Trumps of History

  1. James P Barton says:

    Chris – it’s innate in democracy! Monarchy works far better and is more attuned to nature eg. Lion kings & queen bees! Cheers JPB


    • cjkperley says:

      Defending the Tongan Royal family again! It is an interesting conundrum. We always think of the despot monarch. But what happens when you vote in a despot! If you are a despotic party in control of parliament with a leader that either doesn’t care …… then you can create a tyranny. Let’s see – you can of course run down public thought and engagement, education, the public service ethic and it’s capacity to dialogue with each other and the public without any one dominant metanarrative (oh, for instance some mad dog economic dogma). Then you use scapegoating, nationalism et al. and voila – you get a system worse even than monarchy. That’s why I want to go back to the folds in the hills, with a cabin, a library, a stereo ….. and internet connection of course.


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