Ohoka Market

In Ohoka the market stalls sell sense experience.
You need not buy, just drift,
From place to place and soak it in.
The taste of honeyed nuts, the sound
Of laughs and strummed guitar,
The smell of bacon frying,
the sight of smiles and the sublime.

Alpacas, conversations,
Interruptions, stories of the land,
Four acres of olives the planners think
A waste of good pasture,
Local co-ops, boutique vineyards,
One hundred free-range hens,
Working wood once standing dead,
now oiled and red,
Wild cherry and wood pigeon,
Mucking out the sawdust and calf dung for compost.

Sense the land and community coexisting.
See potential. Schools, local halls, a future place.

Then drive away,
through centre pivots and sudsy drains,
To Countdown land where the smell of tarmac overpowers
The solitary redwood giant, a little sad, alone,
Dreaming of the past, and grass.

Dispatches from dichotomy,
The choices we make, consciously,
Or allow to be through apathy.

Chris Perley
South Island Road Trip

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4 Responses to Ohoka Market

  1. Brian Turner says:


    These that you produced on your 2012 road trip are excellent. Have you thought of trying to get them – and others if you have some – published as a collection?


    Brian T

    • cjkperley says:

      I’ve a number Brian. Just sorting thru them and developing them. But no I haven’t thought of publishing. I was bloody shy about blogging them to be honest. Many thanks for your feedback though. There is a context. I was healing after major life threatening multiple surgeries. It was about reconnecting to people and land and life.

  2. Keywords says:

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    This piece of writing posted at this site is really nice.

  3. cjkperley says:

    The solitary redwood giant, a little sad, alone,
    Dreaming of the past, and grass.

    Is now apparently dying. So my brother says.
    A metaphor for our lives.

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