That’s My Hat!

She looks good in a Stetson,
all cowgirl in her chaps.
Snood.jpgThe coolest Snood reflects her mood,
but she wasn’t happy with that.

She tried the Lady Panama
with the larger brim.
The Flouncy Bonnet
With the bow on it
suited her long brown trim.

The leather Akubra
Did not at all please her,Tyrolean
Nor the Tyrolean with its feather.
She looked at me and tossed her head,
Said the colour didn’t thrill her.

I offered her the Floppy Straw,
The Homburg and the Cloche.
Cloche.jpgI thought that one particularly nice
She’d be, I assured her,
“the belle of the ball, dear!”,
you’ll be asked to dance at least twice!

She would not consider the Schoolgirl Boater,
Though I thought that one smoking hot!!
I tried to please her
with the Ushanka,Ushanka
but she dismissed them all, the lot!!

“It has to be the purest white
to go with my eyes so blue.”

And then she saw my Fedora,
knew it my favourite hat!
white-fedora-hatPointed her finger,
with a covetous glower,

said, “I’ll … have … that!”
“With a little adjustment
it’ll be just the thing, that …”

“…. I’ll get rid of the trimmings,
and add a silk ribbon but ….Her white fedora

that’s ….

my ….


Chris Perley

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