The Hot Bohemian Chic Chick

She’s in love with Radical ChicRadical chic
The style Comtessa d’amour
With a touch of wild untamed abandon,
Speaking without words Difference and Grace and
This Is My World To Make As I Want
Without Your Oppressive Conventions
Stifling Expression.

So Express! you wild Comtessa;
Sing, sway and Glide-Graceful,
Smile-Tease chuckle with those eyes,
Nonchalantly steal my feta cheese,
Sashay over the parquet
In those cool op-shop lace-up boots and coloured Gloriana,
Bend down and pluck the chocolate from the fridge.
Smack those lips.

You are one Hot Bohemian Chic Chick

Chris Perley

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