The Housing Crisis and Neoliberalism

The housing crisis – Crisis? What crisis? – is still with us after years of denial by the National Government. I wrote this a year ago when they were claiming there was no crisis – denial being the mantra de jour – no housing problem, no homeless, no child poverty, no job problem, no economic problem, no water quality problem, no climate change, no provincial problem.

Crisis what crisis.jpgThey are promising us now that they will fix housing, yet they are doing nothing that differs from the neoliberal and corporatist delusions they and Treasury have followed since 1984. Those same delusions that created all the problems. It is pathetic that they are going after the populist treat the symptom policy option, instead of trying to identify and treat the root causes. Here I discuss some root causes.

We need to change the framework, not just add populist surface policies that seek to empty the toxic river with a bucket, while doing nothing about the toxins flowing in at the top.

Frankly, I seriously doubt that National have the intellect to see, let alone critique the dysfunctional ideologies through which they see the world. Gold fish in the goldfish bowl …. what water?

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Irish Famine

Listening to Morning Report this morning (25th May 2016) interview these right wing completely out of touch politicians from this government making excuses for the New Zealand housing crisis, was like a rerun of the Irish Potato famine. It so riled me – all the cliche-laden stupidity and faux “I am your leader, so trust me” emptiness and attempts to convince us there is no crisis.  Well, we’re living it.

The same dull unconcern.  The same rationalisations and talk of market supply.  Neoliberal fundamentalism without a shred of self-critique of its nonsense assumptions.  All to make the mathematics work in the model.


Underlying our crisis, and the complete inability of either government or public sector to deal to root causes, are all those hollow neoliberal assumptions that price and the ‘efficiency’ of the market are dependent on where the supply line meets the demand line.  Complexity reduced to two dimensions.  I’m…

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